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Yacht Rock Dance Party!

Come join us as we Yaw and Roll to the "Doobie bounce" of an ill-defined and oft-maligned genre of smooth, sophisticated, west coast adult oriented rock that once ruled the airwaves between 1978 and 1984 until it eventually lost its way and became the vacuous dumpster fire known as modern rock radio. 

9pm. Admission is FREE. 

So what the F are u waiting for? The breeze is soft, the tide is high, and if the wind is right you can sail away and find tranquility...Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see. Believe me. 

All song requests are welcome!! (See General Guidelines)

General Guidelines:

- The song was recorded between 1978 and 1984 and in LA (some exceptions made for New York recordings aka. Yacht-York, i.e. Steely Dan and Frank Stallone)
- Has a medium tempo and a “Doobie bounce”
- Album Personel features only elite producers, and top session players in the biz (see discogs and allmusic). Some exceptions are made for modern yacht and outliers who keep the fire.
- Jeff Porcaro played drums on it
- Steve Porcaro played keys or programmed synths
- Mike Porcaro played bass on it
- Papa Joe Porcaro played something on it
- Any other member of Toto plays on it
- Michael McDonald sing backups or lead vocals
- Paulinho DaCosta plays percussion
- David Foster produced it/arranged the horns
- There is a guitar solo by Jay Graydon/ Steve Lukather
- less acoustic guitars
- more electric piano
- no yelling
- Smooth or Farty Bass in the yacht-pocket
- No hard-organs, harsh synth tones or space sounds
- Produced by Ted Templeman, written by Rod Temperman, and sometimes by Russ Titelman
- Paich / Pages
- The singer shouldn't be yelling at me
- Flugal horn > saxophone
- Back and forth piano
- Twists and turns with at least one modulation
- lyrically about a fool in love and not too sexual or sentimental. 
- No Politics
- Singer can't be overly confident and definitely no yelling.

Come find out if your favourite easy rock jam is "on the boat" trading fours with George Benson, or land-locked at the Marina drinking Pina Coladas with Rupert Holmes...

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